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American sauce

A sauce that will make you find the beautiful years for the most nostalgic of you. Adam’s American sauce will go with your fried hamburgers and raclette. Discover it on our store!

Texas Sauce

A sweet and unctuous sauce composed of fresh onions and slightly spiced to savor with a good Tacos. Also go with your chicken burgers and raclette with friends or family.

Andalousian Sauce

The essential sauce of the Belgians. Our Andalusian sauce from Adam’s is a product that is the same as the one we find in chips and that supermarkets can not market nowadays. Even better with your homemade fries.

Samourai Sauce

A tangy sauce that will awake the samurai in you in contact with your palate. Dare to challenge, you will surprise more than one. go with your fries, chickens, machine gun and BBQ.

Pita Sauce

A sauce with a delicious garlic flavor and a creamy texture, Adam’s sauce is perfect for pita meat, salad and shellfish dishes. It is also delicious on a salad.

Big giant Sauce

A sauce with its delicious taste of gherkins and cucumbers, you can make very good family burgers to please young and old alike. Can also go with your fries, salad and BBQ.

BBQ Sauce

A tomato sauce with its delicious smoked taste that will go with your meats during a BBQ with family or friends. Adam’s BBQ sauce is also delicious with chickens wings, tenders or BBQ chicken pizza.
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